Mission Director’s Desk

The State Mission in its 5th year of implementation. In the last four years, it has observed tremendous progress in achieving the program targets and objectives, particularly in harnessing the innate capacities of the poor women in Nagaland who are experiencing new hope through this noble Mission. The increased level of participation from women towards the program through SHGs and their enhanced capacity through continuous nurturing and training is enabling women to initiate sustainable and strong community institutions (Federations) to participate in the growing economy of the State.

Due to limited access to cash economy coupled with poor rural financing, the quality of life is adversely affected, particularly women. NRLM with Community Fund Support in the form of Start-up Fund, Revolving Fund (RF), Community Investment Fund (CIF), Vulnerability Reduction Fund (VRF) and Livelihood Fund, is providing women in Nagaland with opportunity to become better in enterprising.

There is an increased realization at the State on the need of development professionals to address social development related issues. Through NRLM the State Mission is now promoting a pool of resource persons both at the State Mission and the Community level. The State Mission is moving towards achieving adequate Human Resource capital which will be available to address issue of poverty in the State.

Support from the stakeholders has also been significant. The State mission will continue to engage effectively with key stakeholders for resource diversification through financial linkage and convergence.

The State Mission will continue to engage its resources towards a “5-7 years in a Block” strategy for saturation. Each Block will be nurtured intensively for 5-7 years before communitisation is realised through strategic well planned exit protocols. This effort and process of engagement will enable the State to touch the last Block and the last household by 2020 with handholding support period till 2025, for realising the goals of the Mission. Accordingly, by the 2025, the State Mission will have 20,000 SHGs, 1000 VLOs and 61 CLFs who emerges as functionally effective self-managed, self governed and sustainable institutions of the poor capable of accessing and delivering financial and livelihoods services to the poor across the State.

NSRLM is dedicated to induce a viable environment that ensures broad based inclusive growth wherein the quality of life and well- being of rural poor across the State is significantly improved.

Athel O. Lotha
Addl. Secretary, RD & Mission Director
NSRLM, Nagaland