Phase Implementation

The Mission aims at bringing about sustained improvement/increase in the household incomes, livelihoods, well-being and empowerment status of the rural poor through sustained livelihood enhancements and improved access to financial and non-financial services. The Mission also aims at creating efficient and effective institutional platforms of the poor as mediating institutions.

Phased Implementation -covering blocks in phased manner

A critical first step in the process of implementation is the development of Resource Blocks, as proof of concept and live workable models on the ground with the support of Community Resource Persons (CRPs) drawn from the states which have successfully implemented similar models or Internal Community Resource Persons identified from the successful home grown models. Thus, NSRLM will focus on the development of resource blocks, particularly, during the first 18 to 24 months and generate the required social capital in the form of internal CRPs to implement intensive strategies in the rest of the state.

The phased approach implies simultaneous implementation of NRLM resource/intensive strategies in some blocks coupled with the implementation of non-intensive strategies in others. However, at NSRLM, there will coverage of only intensive approaches in scaling up.

Since NSRLM will be effective only when it is driven by the poor themselves, the development of social capital of the poor to undertake this process is critical. Social capital of the poor consists of leaders of SHGs/federations, Master Bookkeepers, Village Facilitators, and more importantly Community Resource Persons (poor women whose lives have been transformed through the support of their institutions). This will take some time in the initial years, but will rapidly multiply after some time. If the social capital of the poor does not play the lead role in NSRLM, then the desired results will not occur as it will then be a ‘bureaucratically’ driven programme and not a people’s programme). It is important to ensure that the quality and effectiveness of the interventions is not diluted. It is therefore imperative to implement NSRLM in phase manner/approach.

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