1. What is NRLM-Aajeevika?

National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) or Aajeevika is a poverty reduction programme implemented by Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. The Mission is focused on promoting self-employment and wage employment and building institutions of the poor.

2. How is NRLM different from SGSY?

NRLM has adopted ‘demand driven’ strategy, in place of SGSY’s ‘allocation based’ strategy. This implies that under NRLM, states have greater autonomy to plan for implementing the programme. NRLM encourages states to prepare State Perspective for Implementation Plans(SPIP) for seven years and Annual Action Plans (AAPs). The allocation for the state is released against the approved AAP. NRLM has adopted a Participatory Identification of Poor (PIP) instead of the BPL to identify its beneficiaries

3. What is Self Help Group?

Self Help Group (SHG) is a group formed mostly by women from a similar class and region, who come together for a common cause and also, to form savings and credit organization. The criteria, terms and conditions for the group are made by the group members themselves..

4. Who can form an SHG?

An SHG can be formed by:

  • Rural poor who are in need of money.
  • Victims of money lenders.
  • People who have no power to augment their income.
  • Persons comfortable with each other on the basis of specific area, specific need and specific interest. They include friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers

5. What is the recommended Size of an SHG?

The favorable size of an SHG is 10 to 15 members. However, in scattered habitation the group’s size could be minimum five members.

6. How to start an SHG?

  • Visit the poor families in your villages.
  • Talk to the villagers.
  • If the people do not know you, first talk to them about yourself.
  • Talk to the elders in the village, explain your plan to them and request for their support.
  • Speak to the womenfolk whenever you visit a poor family.
  • Ask what the important issue of the family or of the village.
  • A group of likeminded persons, who have similar problems and needs can come together and form a group (SHG) to solve their problems

7. What is NSRLM?

NSRLM is short for Nagaland State Rural Livelihood Mission. NSRLM is the implementing agency for NRLM in the State and embodies the principles and vision of NRLM while keeping in mind the unique features of the State. Structurally, NSRLM comprises of Staff at the State, District and Block level to cater to the requirements of rural areas across the State.

8. What does NSRLM Cover?

NSRLM (Nagaland State Rural Livelihood Mission) aims to reach out to Poorest of the Poor (PoP) households across 11 districts, 74 blocks, 1151 villages and stay engaged with them till they cross the Rubicon (threshold) of poverty. At present, Tuensang and Peren districts are under NERLP. In the FY 2013-14, 9 blocks across 9 districts of Nagaland will be covered as Intensive Resource Blocks and the rest will be under Non-intensive Blocks.

9. Which are the Intensive Resource Blocks?

District Block
Kohima Jakhama
Phek Pfutsero
Mon Mon
Longleng Longleng
Wokha Chukitong
Mokokchung Changtonya
Dimapur Chumukedima
Kiphire Kiphire
Zunheboto Satakha

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